with the default configuration improvements so far for 10, it seems to
be very easy to setup streaming replication (at least locally):

$ initdb --pgdata=data1
$ pg_ctl --pgdata=data1 start
$ pg_basebackup --pgdata=data2 --write-recovery-conf
$ sed -i -e 's/^#port.=.5432/port = 5433/' \
> -e 's/^#hot_standby.=.off/hot_standby = on/' \
> data2/postgresql.conf
$ pg_ctl --pgdata=data2 start

(there might be a case for having hot_standby=on by default, but I think
that got discussed elsewhere and is anyway a different thread).

However, the above does not use replication slots, and if you want to do
so, you get:

$ pg_basebackup --pgdata=data2 --write-recovery-conf --slot=pg2 
2017-03-19 11:04:37.978 CET [25362] ERROR:  replication slot "pg2" does
not exist
pg_basebackup: could not send replication command "START_REPLICATION":
ERROR:  replication slot "pg2" does not exist
pg_basebackup: child process exited with error 1
pg_basebackup: removing data directory "data2"

The error message is clear enough, but I wonder whether people will
start writing streaming replication tutorials just glossing over this
because it's one more step to run CREATE_REPLICATION_SLOT manually.

So I propose the attached tiny patch to just create the slot (if it does
not exist already) in pg_basebackup, somewhat similar to what
pg_receivewal does, albeit unconditionally, if the user explicitly
requested a slot:

$ pg_basebackup --pgdata=data2 --write-recovery-conf --slot=pg2 
$ echo $?
$ psql -c "DROP_REPLICATION_SLOT pg2" "host= port=5432 
replication=database user=mba dbname=postgres" 

This would get us somewhat closer to near zero-config replication, in my
opinion. Pardon me if that was discussed already and shot down



Michael Banck
Projektleiter / Senior Berater
Tel.: +49 2166 9901-171
Fax:  +49 2166 9901-100
Email: michael.ba...@credativ.de

credativ GmbH, HRB Mönchengladbach 12080
USt-ID-Nummer: DE204566209
Trompeterallee 108, 41189 Mönchengladbach
Geschäftsführung: Dr. Michael Meskes, Jörg Folz, Sascha Heuer
From 8a52b7d8cc6f956fba47465d280581e200ec5239 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Michael Banck <michael.ba...@credativ.de>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2017 10:58:13 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] Create replication slot in pg_basebackup if requested and not
 yet present.

If a replication slot is explicitly requested, try to create it before
starting to replicate from it.
 src/bin/pg_basebackup/receivelog.c | 11 +++++++++++
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+)

diff --git a/src/bin/pg_basebackup/receivelog.c b/src/bin/pg_basebackup/receivelog.c
index f415135..0ddb7a6 100644
--- a/src/bin/pg_basebackup/receivelog.c
+++ b/src/bin/pg_basebackup/receivelog.c
@@ -527,6 +527,17 @@ ReceiveXlogStream(PGconn *conn, StreamCtl *stream)
+	 * Try to create a permanent replication slot if one is specified. Do
+	 * not error out if the slot already exists, other errors are already
+	 * reported by CreateReplicationSlot().
+	 */
+	if (!stream->temp_slot && stream->replication_slot)
+	{
+		if (!CreateReplicationSlot(conn, stream->replication_slot, NULL, true, true))
+			return false;
+	}
+	/*
 	 * initialize flush position to starting point, it's the caller's
 	 * responsibility that that's sane.

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