> Hmm.  I would kind of like to move the IS_JOIN_REL() and
> IS_OTHER_REL() stuff to the front of the series.  In other words, I
> propose that we add those macros first, each testing for only the one
> kind of RelOptInfo that exists today, and change all the code to use
> them.  Then, when we add child joinrels, we can modify the macros at
> the same time.  The problem with doing it the way you have it is that
> those changes will have to be squashed into the main partitionwise
> join commit, because otherwise stuff will be broken.  Doing it the
> other way around lets us commit that bit separately.

I can provide a patch with adjust_appendrel_attrs_multilevel() changed
to child-joins, which can be applied before multi-level
partitioin-wise support patch but after partition-wise implementation
patch. You may consider applying that patch separately before
multi-level partition-wise support, in case we see that multi-level
partition-wise join support can be committed. Does that sound good?
That way we save changing those macros twice.

Best Wishes,
Ashutosh Bapat
EnterpriseDB Corporation
The Postgres Database Company

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