On 3/7/17 9:42 PM, Pavan Deolasee wrote:

Fair point. I'm not going to "persist" with the idea too long. It seemed
like a good, low-risk feature to me which can benefit certain use cases
quite reasonably. It's not uncommon to create indexes (or reindex
existing indexes to remove index bloats) on extremely large tables and
avoiding a second heap scan can hugely benefit such cases. Holding up
the patch for something for which we don't even have a proposal yet
seemed a bit strange at first, but I see the point.

Anyways, for a recently vacuumed table of twice the size of RAM and on a
machine with SSDs, the patched CIC version runs about 25% faster. That's
probably the best case scenario.

I also realised that I'd attached a slightly older version of the patch.
So new version attached, but I'll remove the patch from CF if I don't
see any more votes in favour of the patch.

I have marked this submission "Returned with Feedback". Please feel free to resubmit to a future commitfest or open a discussion on hackers if you develop a new approach.


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