Heikki Linnakangas wrote:

> I did some archeology, and found CheckTokenMembership() in MinGW's w32api
> packages version 3.14
> (https://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/files/MinGW/Base/w32api/w32api-3.14/,
> in include/winbase.h). According to the timestamps on that download page,
> that was released in 2009. That was the oldest version I could find, so it
> might go even further back.
> Dave, do you know exactly what version of MinGW narwhal is running? And how
> difficult is it to upgrade to something slightly more modern? Ease of
> upgrade is another good data point on how far we need to support old
> versions.

Given that this was backpatched and that it broke narwhal in all
branches, I think the solution needs to make narwhal work again without
requiring it to upgrade; so we should acquire CheckTokenMembership via
dynloading just like we do the other functions.  If we want to require a
newer mingw version in pg10, that's acceptable, but it should be a
separate patch.

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