> While I admire your fearlessness, I think the chances of you being
> able to bring a project of this type to a successful conclusion are
> remote.  Here is what I said about this topic previously:
> http://postgr.es/m/CA+Tgmoa=kzhj+twxyq+vku21nk3prkrjsdbhjubn7qvc8uk...@mail.gmail.com

Well, as I said, I don't pretend that I will support full functionality:
>> instead, we should decide which part of this work (if any) is
>> going to be done in the course of GSoC. Probably, all TPC-H queries
>> with and without index support is a good initial target, but this
>> needs to be discussed.

I think that successfull completion of this project should be a clear
and justified answer to the question "Is this idea is good enough to
work on merging it into the master?", not the production-ready patches
themselves. Nevertheless, of course project success criterion must be
reasonably formalized -- e.g. implement nodes X with features Y, etc.

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