On 03/22/2017 09:32 AM, Ashutosh Sharma wrote:
Done. Please refer to the attached v2 version of patch.


1) 0001-Rewrite-hash-index-scans-to-work-a-page-at-a-time.patch: this
patch rewrites the hash index scan module to work in page-at-a-time
mode. It basically introduces two new functions-- _hash_readpage() and
_hash_saveitem(). The former is used to load all the qualifying tuples
from a target bucket or overflow page into an items array. The latter
one is used by _hash_readpage to save all the qualifying tuples found
in a page into an items array. Apart from that, this patch bascially
cleans _hash_first(), _hash_next and hashgettuple().


In hashgettuple() you can remove the 'currItem' and 'offnum' from the 'else' part, and do the assignment inside

  if (so->numKilled < MaxIndexTuplesPerPage)


No new comments for 0002 and 0003.

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