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From: Charles Cui <>
Date: 2017-03-23 8:58 GMT-07:00
Subject: GSOC 2017 project ideas

Hi guys,
    This is Charles Cui from Tsinghua University, China. I am pretty
interested in
the ideas listed in GSOC 2017 page on Postgresql, especially the idea
"Eliminate O(N^2) scaling from rw-conflict tracking in serializable
transactions". For my PhD program in
Tsinghua University, I focus on operating system scalability and
performance on multicore processors. One of my jobs is to design the
benchmark suite to stress kinds of
operating system interfaces from user level and analyze performance. After
that, I will propose solutions to solve the problem. For example, I have
published papers in
improving synchronization primitives in Linux kernel and pretty familiar
with kinds of locks and lock-free techniques. I think this project is
similar to my previous work and I believe that I have the confidence and
ability to do this well. Besides, I speak fluent English and I am full
available during the whole summer. I am wondering whether I can join this
project and work with you guys? In case that this project is allocated to
other people, I am also open to pick other projects in Postgresql. Let me
know if you have questions or feedbacks.

Thanks, Charles.

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