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This is my first review (Magnus said in his presentation in PGDay Paris that 
volunteers should just come and help, so here I am), so please notify me for 
any mistake I do when using the review tools...

The feature seems to work as expected, but I don't claim to be a markdown and 
rst expert.
Some minor issues with the code itself :
- some indentation issues (documentation and code itself with mix between space 
based and tab based indentation) and a few trailing spaces in code
- typographic issues in the documentation : 
  - "The html, asciidoc, latex, latex-longtable, troff-ms, and markdown and rst 
formats" ==> duplicated and
  - "Sets the output format to one of unaligned, aligned, wrapped, html, 
asciidoc, latex (uses tabular), latex-longtable, rst, markdown, or troff-ms." 
==> extra comma at the end of the list
- the comment " dont add line after last row, because line is added after every 
row" is misleading, it should warn that it's only for rst
- there is a block of commented out code left
- in the print_aligned_vertical function, there is a mix between 
"cont->opt->format == PRINT_RST" and "format == &pg_rst" and I don't see any 
obvious reason for that
- the documentation doesn't mention (but ok, it's kind of obvious) that the 
linestyle option will not work with rst and markdown

Thanks !

The new status of this patch is: Waiting on Author

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