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> On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 2:36 AM, Tsunakawa, Takayuki
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> > Should I create a page for PostgreSQL 11 likewise?  Or, do you want a
> more stable page named "PostgreSQL Roadmap" instead of "PostgreSQL11
> Roadmap" and attach the target version to each feature as in "Feature X
> (V11)", so that we can represent more longer-term goals?
> I think a page that's just called PostgreSQL Roadmap will get out of date
> pretty quickly.  Ultimately it'll end up like the TODO list, which is not
> really a list of things TO DO.  The advantage of the version-specific pages
> is that old information kind of ages its way out of the system.

Maybe so.  I created a page for PostgreSQL 11 and add a link to our roadmap:

Please add your roadmaps when you can.

> > And, why don't we add a link to the above roadmap page in the "Development
> information" page?
> >
> > Development information
> >
> I'm sure nobody will object to you doing that.  It's a wiki, and intended
> to be edited.

Thanks, done. Also, I moved the existing the link to "Development projects" 
from " Past PgCon Developer Meeting Notes" to the new header "Roadmaps and 
Projects", because the development projects page doesn't appear to fit the 
PGCON notes.

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