On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 6:46 PM, Ashutosh Sharma <ashu.coe...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Oh, okay, but my main objection was that we should not check hash page
>> type (hasho_flag) without ensuring whether it is a hash page.  Can you
>> try to adjust the above code so that this check can be moved after
>> hasho_page_id check?
> Yes, I got your point. I have done that but then i had to remove the
> check for PageIsEmpty(). Anyways, I think PageIsEmpty() condition will
> only be true for one page in entire hash index table and can be
> ignored. If you wish, I could mention about it in the documentation.

Yeah, I think it is worth adding a Note in docs, but we can do that
separately if required.

>>> To avoid
>>> this, at the start of verify_hash_page function itself if we recognise
>>> page as UNUSED page we return immediately.
>>>> 2.
>>>> + /* Check if it is an empty hash page. */
>>>> + if (PageIsEmpty(page))
>>>> + ereport(ERROR,
>>>> + errmsg("index table contains empty page")));
>>>> Do we want to give a separate message for EMPTY and NEW pages?  Isn't
>>>> it better that the same error message can be given for both of them as
>>>> from user perspective there is not much difference between both the
>>>> messages?
>>> I think we should show separate message because they are two different
>>> type of pages. In the sense like, one is initialised whereas other is
>>> completely zero.
>> I understand your point, but not sure if it makes any difference to user.
> okay, I have now anyways removed the check for PageIsEmpty. Please
> refer to the attached '0002
> allow_pageinspect_handle_UNUSED_hash_pages.patch'

        if (pageopaque->hasho_page_id != HASHO_PAGE_ID)

spurious white space.

> Also, I have attached
> '0001-Mark-freed-overflow-page-as-UNUSED-pagetype-v2.patch' that
> handles your comment mentioned in [1].

In general, we have to initialize prevblock with max_bucket, but here
it is okay, because we anyway initialize it after this page is
allocated as overflow page.

Your patches look good to me except for small white space change.

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