> Hi,
> I'm new in this mailing list and in the world of
> PostGreSQL.
> I need to create a C++ application under Windows which
> will use a very huge database...
> I was thinking that PostgreSQL could help me to reduce
> the cost of a such software. But i would like to know
> what is the status of the PostGreSQL version under
> Windows ?
> I mean, i know that some of you are trying to do an
> installer version under Windows for PostGreSQL and i
> would like to know if a beta version already exist or
> not....
> Because i was thinking to build one from my side, but
> if it already exists, it's better for me.

I wrote a Windows installer a while back, I think it has been incorporated
into gborg, but I'm not sure.

The one caveat to the system is that it should previously contain a cygwin

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