Sorry, 1) and 4) is my fault, comment in hsearch.h:
* ... The hash key
* is expected to be at the start of the caller's hash entry data structure.

Ops, forgot that.

Teodor Sigaev wrote:
things in order I'm attaching the previous patch as well.

Patches look good, but I have some notices:

1 step1 Why do you need TabStatHashEntry at all? TabStatHashEntry.t_id is never
used for read, so entry for hash could be just a pointer to PgStat_TableStatus.

2 step1 In pgstat_report_stat() you remove one by one entries from hash and
remove them all. Isn't it better to hash_destroy/hash_create or even let hash
lives in separate memory context and just resets it?

3 step1 Again, pgstat_report_stat(), all-zero entries aren't deleted from hash
although they will be free from point of view of pgStatTabList.

4 step 2. The same as 1) about SeenRelsEntry->rel_id but it even isn't
initialized anywhere.

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