We already pre-allocate all shared memory and resources on postmaster


Hans-Jürgen Schönig wrote:
> There is a problem which occurs from time to time and which is a bit 
> nasty in business environments.
> When the shared memory is eaten up by some application such as Apache 
> PostgreSQL will refuse to do what it should do because there is no 
> memory around. To many people this looks like a problem relatd to 
> stability. Also, it influences availability of the database itself.
> I was thinking of a solution which might help to get around this problem:
> If we had a flag to tell PostgreSQL that XXX Megs of shared memory 
> should be preallocated by PostgreSQL. The database would the sure that 
> there is always enough memory around. The problem is that PostgreSQL had 
> to care more about memory consumption.
> Of course, the best solution is to put PostgreSQL on a separate machine 
> but many people don't do it so we have to live with memory leaks caused 
> by other software (we have just seen a nasty one in mod_perl).
> Does it make sense?
>       Regards,
>               Hans
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