Hi Surafel,
Thank you for your review!
But I have not finish fixing a patch yet.

> v  Use <optional> tage in documentation

> v  Don’t modified existing test case add new one instead
These existing tests I modified are the results of commands "SELECT
pg_get_triggerdef(oid, true) ... ". 
I modified them in order to match with pg_get_functiondef(). 
The keyword 'OR REPLACE' is always added in CREATE FUNCTION. 
Does not it make sense?

> v  Comment in pg_constraint.c is extended make it short
> v  Error message can be more guider if it tells about general rule

> v  Wrong result in concurrency case
Thank you for the detailed example case. I appreciate it.
The issue does not seem to be resolved easily because I have to 
modify pg_get_constraintdef_worker() in ruleutils.c.
And it takes some more time to modify pg_get_constraintdef_worker().

So, I am moving this patch to "Returned with Feedback".

Okano Naoki

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