Craig Ringer <> writes:
> I didn't have any way to make

>                 seg_l = (SEG *) DatumGetPointer(DirectFunctionCall2(seg_union,
>                         PointerGetDatum(seg_l),
> PointerGetDatum(sort_items[i].data)));

> pretty, but *shrug*.

For the builtin types, fmgr.h generally defines a datum-to-specific-
pointer-type macro, eg it has these for bytea:

#define DatumGetByteaP(X)           ((bytea *) PG_DETOAST_DATUM(X))
#define PG_GETARG_BYTEA_P(n)        DatumGetByteaP(PG_GETARG_DATUM(n))

(A type that doesn't have toast support would just use DatumGetPointer
instead of PG_DETOAST_DATUM.)  Replacing "(SEG *) DatumGetPointer(...)"
with "DatumGetSegP(...)" would help a little here.

I wouldn't necessarily do that if this is the only place that would
benefit, but there might be more scope for upgrading seg.c's notation
than just here.

                        regards, tom lane

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