We have trying to build PostgreSQL in Windows Environment.

When build with options "--with-perl" (by setting config.pl file),
Builder not found "perl\d+.lib" file in "C:\Perl\lib\CORE\" folder,
so it ended with the messages bellow.

  "could not identify perl library version:  at src/tools/msvc/Mkvcbuild.pm 
line 590"

Manual said that "ActiveState Perl version 5.8 or later is required".

But in version 5.22 or 5.24 (ActiveState Perl's currently community version),
we not found the above lib file.

What version of ActiveState Perl is suitable for PostgreSQL builder?
Or is there another solutions for "--with-perl" building in Windows?

Thanks and best regards,
Dang Minh Huong
NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

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