On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Tom Lane wrote:

> I'd call that a bug in psql.  Where do you see it happening exactly?

It's the utf-8 validation function (mbvalidate) that removes characters 
that it does not understand.

> No, I think the return value ought to be treated as const char *.
> We're hesitant to actually declare it that way because we'd cause compile
> errors in many client applications that aren't being const-paranoid.

An easy solution is to add the const as a macro that can be turned off by 
those apps.

ps. I'm being blacklisted by your email server. The reason I get back is
that my letter come from a telia IP-number. Telia is the major ISP in
Sweden with something like 80-90% of the market. I actually don't belong
to those since I use another ISP (bostream), but I guess they got their
adresses from telia or something. Well, not really a problem. I send
everything to the list anyway.


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