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But it seems a bit futile to produce the parallel plan in the first place,
because with max_parallel_workers=0 we can't possibly get any parallel
workers ever. I wonder why compute_parallel_worker() only looks at
max_parallel_workers_per_gather, i.e. why shouldn't it do:
parallel_workers = Min(parallel_workers, max_parallel_workers);
Perhaps this was discussed and is actually intentional, though.

It was intentional.  See the last paragraph of

Since this has now come up twice, I suggest adding a comment there
that explains why we're intentionally ignoring max_parallel_workers.

Hey, imagine if the comments explained the logic behind the code!

Good idea.  How about the attached?

Certainly an improvement. But perhaps we should also mention this at compute_parallel_worker, i.e. that not looking at max_parallel_workers is intentional.


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