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> Yes, downloaded from the email on Windows and copied across to Linux and
> did "git apply".

The same works for me. But --keep-cr gave me the same result with

> $ git am --keep-cr 
> ~/work/patches/0001-Fix-a-bug-of-physical-replication-slot_a6f22e8.patch
> Applying: Fix a bug of physical replication slot.
> .git/rebase-apply/patch:13: trailing whitespace.
> /*


| --[no-]keep-cr
| With --keep-cr, call git mailsplit (see git-mailsplit[1]) with
| the same option, to prevent it from stripping CR at the end of
| lines. am.keepcr configuration variable can be used to specify
| the default behaviour. --no-keep-cr is useful to override
| am.keepcr.

I don't know why it preserves CRs only for the lines, but anyway,
don't you have am.keepcr in you configuration?


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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