On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 9:52 PM, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
> Michael,
> * Michael Paquier (michael.paqu...@gmail.com) wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 4:08 AM, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
>> >> > If there's a way to change the verbosity for just those scripts, I'd be
>> >> > happy to do that, if we're unable to agree on reducing it across the
>> >> > board..
>> >>
>> >> I'd rather silence only scripts that are overly verbose.
>> >
>> > I'm fine with that, but how?
>> The important point to me is not to show the tests that passed, it is
>> to show the tests that are failing when running them. So I would
>> suggest to just remove the --verbose flag in PROVE_FLAGS. If you do
>> so, the test of pg_dump would show up like that, printing as well a
>> count number while running:
> Right, but you can't do that for just pg_dump.
> I'd be fine with removing --verbose globally, as your patch does, but
> there was some argument that we then would have long 'quiet' periods.
> I haven't had a chance to go test if that's really the case yet though.

I don't see much the point to have --verbose enabled by default, but
if that's the consensus I have nothing better to propose than adding
something like that to the command launching the prove command: $(if
And then it is possible to enforce the flag for noisy tests.

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