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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I wonder if it's a security problem: One of my customer noticed that he
> > could see all databases on the system with phppgadmin. not only he sees
> > databases but tables, views, fonctions... Fortunatly he can't see any row.
> >
> > This customer has the ability to create databases but not users.
> > I wonder if the super_user privilege should be separated from the
> > priviledge of creating databases/users.
> >
> > I alose think that only a superuser should list databases and objects.
> >
> > What do you think?
> Since security by obscurity is presumed to be ineffective, conversely,
> revealing the location of an object produces no real decrease in security.
> Now, it might be nice from the user's perspective if they could filter out
> the stuff they don't have access to, in order to ensure a nice neat little
> view of their own data in a galaxy of information (i.e. 100 other users
> each with their own data set and priveldges.)
> Since schemas provide a simple way to limit your own view, they provide
> for that function.
> Can phppgadmin be programmed to only use certain search paths in the
> schema?
Hmm. Surely I did'nt make myself clear, PhpPgAdmin is not a problm here.
The problem is user A is owner of databses X1,Y1 Z1
user B is owner of databases X2,Yť,Z2

both users can see the the others DB. by doing a simple \l
It would be nice that unless a user is superuser he could'nt see databases
that are not his.

BTW how can I change ownership of databases and tables easealy?

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