On 01/04/17 01:20, Tom Lane wrote:
> Petr Jelinek <petr.jeli...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
>> But the pg_subscription_rel is also not accessed on heap_open, the
>> problematic code is called from heap_drop_with_catalog. And VACUUM FULL
>> pg_class calls heap_drop_with_catalog() when doing the heap swap (and it
>> goes through performDeletion so through dependency info which is what I
>> mean by everything else does this).
> Hmmm.  What the heap_drop_with_catalog call is being applied to is a
> short-lived table that is not pg_class.  It happens to own the disk
> storage that used to belong to pg_class, but it is not pg_class;
> in particular it doesn't have the same OID, and it is not what would
> be looked in if someone happened to need to fetch a pg_class row
> at that point.  So there's no circularity involved.
> On further reflection it seems like you were right, the problem is
> taking a self-exclusive lock on pg_subscription_rel during low-level
> catalog operations.  We're going to have to find a way to reduce that
> lock strength, or we're going to have a lot of deadlock problems.

Well we have heavy lock because we were worried about failure scenarios
in our dump upsert in SetSubscriptionRelState which does cache lookup
and if it finds something it updates, otherwise inserts. We have similar
pattern in other places but they are called from DDL statements usually
so the worst that can happen is DDL fails with weird errors when done
concurrently with same name so using RowExclusiveLock is okay.

That being said, looking at use-cases for SetSubscriptionRelState that's
worker. So the DDL thing applies to first ones as well and tablesync
should not be running in case the record does not exist so it's fine if
it fails. In terms of RemoveSubscriptionRel that's only called from
heap_drop_with_catalog and tablesync holds relation lock so there is no
way heap_drop_with_catalog will happen on the same relation. This leads
me to thinking that RowExclusiveLock is fine for both
SetSubscriptionRelState and RemoveSubscriptionRel as long as we document
that callers should be aware that SetSubscriptionRelState has
concurrency might fail on unique index check.

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