src/tools/msvc/{PG_VERSION_STR "[^"]+"}{__STRINGIFY(x)
#x\n#define __STRINGIFY2(z) __STRINGIFY(z)\n#define PG_VERSION_STR
"PostgreSQL $self->{strver}$extraver, compiled by Visual C++ build "
__STRINGIFY2(_MSC_VER) ", $bits-bit"};

Well, this is the same hack.

Without digging too deep, it seems like the redefinition wouldn't be
harmful, but it might make sense to not use the name STRINGIFY() if only to
avoid confusion with

It is the usual name for these macro. What would you suggest?

 - how desirable/useful is it to have this in 10?

Extensions and extension-ish packages will love the _NUM vars.

Hmmmm. I'm afraid pg extension scripts (for CREATE EXTENSION) are not executed through psql, but server side directly, so there is not much backslash-command support.

There's a lesser need for the _NAME vars.

I put them more for error reporting, eg:

  \if :VERSION_NUM < 110000
    \echo :VERSION_NAME is not supported, should be at least 11.0


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