Ashutosh Bapat <> writes:
> Recently my doc build has started failing with errors
> runtime error: file stylesheet.xsl line 57 element call-template
> The called template 'id.attribute' was not found.

> [1] says that id.attribute is supported in stylesheets version 1.77.1. Do I
> need to update stylesheets version?

FWIW, it's working for me with docbook-style-xsl-1.79.1.

Appendix J claims our minimum supported version is 1.74.0, but since
none of that page seems to have been updated for the new docs tooling,
I'm not surprised if it's wrong.

> How do I do it? Any help will be appreciated.

That would depend on your platform.  For me, the stylesheets shipped with
RHEL6 were too old, but I grabbed a more recent SRPM out of the Fedora
repos and was able to build/install that with little trouble.

                        regards, tom lane

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