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> Instead of continuing to repair this every time it gets broken, I propose
> that we break this into one table that lists all the wait_event_type values
> -- LWLock, Lock, BufferPin, Activity, Client, Extension, IPC, Timeout, and
> IO -- and then a second table for each type that has multiple wait events
> listing all of the wait events for that type.
> I also propose hoisting this out of section 28.2.3 - Viewing Statistics
> - and making it a new toplevel section of chapter 28.  So between the current
> "28.3 Viewing Locks" and the current "28.4 Progress Reporting" we'd add
> a new section "Wait Events" and link to that from 28.2.3.  That would also
> give us a place to include any general text that we want to have regarding
> wait events, apart from the tables.

I'm visually impaired and using screen reader software which reads text by 
Synthetic speech.  It was not easy for me to navigate a large table to find the 
first row of a particular wait event type.  With your proposal, I'll be able to 
move among tables with a single key press ("T" and "Shift + T".)  I'd also be 
happy about separating the section for wait events as you propose, because 
navigating in a long section is cumbersome.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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