> On 04 Apr 2017, at 05:52, Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> Daniel Gustafsson wrote:
>> Testing DefElem options is done with both strcmp() and pg_strcasecmp() a bit
>> mixed.  Since the option defnames are all lowercased, either via IDENT, 
>> keyword
>> rules or “by hand” with makeString(), using strcmp() is safe (and assumed to 
>> be
>> so in quite a lot of places).
>> While it’s not incorrect per se to use pg_strcasecmp(), it has the potential 
>> to
>> hide a DefElem created with a mixed-case defname where it in other places is
>> expected to be in lowercase, which may lead to subtle bugs.
>> The attached patch refactors to use strcmp() consistently for option 
>> processing
>> in the command code as a pre-emptive belts+suspenders move against such 
>> subtle
>> bugs and to make the code more consistent.  Also reorders a few checks to 
>> have
>> all in the same “format” and removes a comment related to the above.
>> Tested with randomizing case on options in make check (not included in 
>> patch).
> Does it work correctly in the Turkish locale?

Yes, running make check with random case defnames under tr_TR works fine.

cheers ./daniel

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