Thanks. I planned to look into this today, but you've been faster ;-)


On 04/04/2017 06:55 PM, Ashutosh Sharma wrote:

As I am not seeing any response from Tomas for last 2-3 days and since
the commit-fest is coming towards end, I have planned to work on the
review comments that I had given few days back and submit the updated
patch. PFA new version of patch that takes care of all the review
comments given by me. I have also ran pgindent on btreefuncs.c file
and have run some basic test cases. All looks fine to me now!

Please note that this patch still belongs to Tomas not me. I still
remain the reviewer of this patch. The same thing has been very
clearly mentioned in the attached patch. The only intention behind
Ashutosh (reviewer) working on this patch is to ensure that we do not
miss the things that can easily get committed in this commit-fest.

Tomas Vondra        
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