On 14 Jun 2003 at 16:38, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Summary: don't take shortcuts looking for this - Read the Source, Luke. It's
> important not to give people false expectations. For now, I'm leaning in
> Tom's direction of advising people to avoid Linux for mission-critical
> situations that could run into an OOM.

While I agree that vanilla linux does not handle the situation gracefully 
enough, anybody running a mission critical application should spec. the machine 
and the demads on the same carefully enough. For certain linux won't start 
doing OOM kill because it started going low on buffer memory. ( At least I hope 

If on expects to throw uncalculated amount of load on a mission critical box, 
till it reaches swap for every malloc in a strcpy, there are things need to be 
checked before which kernel/OS you are running.

And BTW whas that original comment for vanilla liux or linux in general..:-)


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