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Did you intend to attach that patch to this email?

Actually, I'm confused how we should ensure (register_count >
terminate_count) invariant. I think there can be a system crash what
Tomas has suggested up in the thread.

Assert(parallel_register_count - parallel_terminate_count <=
Backend 1 > SET max_parallel_worker = 8;
Backend 1 > Execute a long running parallel query q1 with number of
parallel worker spawned is say, 4.

At this point, parallel_register_count should be equal to
parallel_terminate_count.  4 workers were started, and 4 have

Actually, I'm referring to the case when q1 is still running. In that
case, parallel_register_count = 4 and parallel_terminate_count = 0.

Backend 2> SET max_parallel_worker = 3;
Now, parallel_register_count - parallel_terminate_count = 4 >

Backend 2 > Try to execute any parallel query q2 with number of
parallel worker spawned > 0.

Hence, the assert will fail here.

Actually, you probably don't even need two sessions to trigger the assert. All you need is to tweak the max_parallel_workers and then reload the config while the parallel query is running. Then ForgetBackgroundWorker() will see the new value.


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