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> I was thinking the same.
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>> Hi all,
>> While testing table sync worker for logical replication I noticed that
>> if the table sync worker of logical replication failed to insert the
>> data for whatever reason, the table sync worker process exits with
>> error. And then the main apply worker launches the table sync worker
>> again soon without interval. This routine is executed at very high
>> frequency without interval.
>> Should we do put a interval (wal_retrieve_interval or make a new GUC
>> parameter?) for launching the table sync worker?
> After introducing encoding conversion, untranslatable characters
> in a published table causes this situation.

I think it's better to make a new GUC parameter for the table sync
worker. Having multiple behaviors in wal_retrieve_retry_interval is
not good idea. Thought?

> Interval can reduce
> the frequence of reconnecting, but I think that walreciever
> should refrain from reconnecting on unrecoverable(or repeating)
> error in walsender.

Yeah, that's also considerable issue.


Masahiko Sawada
NTT Open Source Software Center

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