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>> After further thinking, I prefer the alternative approach of using
>> pq_sendcountedtext() as is and sticking the trailing zero byte on on the
>> receiving side.  This is a more localized change, and keeps the logical
>> replication protocol consistent with the main FE/BE protocol.  (Also, we
>> don't need to send a useless byte around.)
> I'm not sure about the significance of the trailing zero in the
> the logical replication protocol.

It doesn't matter.  It could be "nice" to have it because then the
receiving side doesn't need to add it if it wants to assemble a C
string.  But for the reasons above, it doesn't seem worth doing that.

> walreceiver stops on the opposite side with the following
> complaint.
>> ERROR:  could not receive data from WAL stream: ERROR:  character with byte 
>> sequence 0xe6 0xbc 0xa2 in encoding "UTF8" has no equivalent in encoding 
>> "LATIN1"
>> CONTEXT:  COPY t, line 1: ""
>> LOG:  worker process: logical replication worker for subscription 16391 sync 
>> 16384 (PID 26915) exited with exit code 1
> After this, walreceiver repeats reconnecting to master with no
> wait. Maybe walreceiver had better refrain from reconnection
> after certain kinds of faiure but it is not an urgent issue.

This is controlled by wal_retrieve_retry_interval.

I see what you are saying about treating certain errors as potentially
permanent, but I think a lot more work would need to be done to be able
to manage that.

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