On 04/06/2017 08:42 PM, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
D'oh. Here's a new version, with saslprep.h included.

And here it is for real. Sigh.

There is for example this portion in the new tables:
+static const Codepoint prohibited_output_chars[] =
+   0xD800, 0xF8FF,             /* C.3, C.5 */

   ----- Start Table C.5 -----
   ----- End Table C.5 -----
This indicates a range of values. Wouldn't it be better to split this
table in two, one for the range of codepoints and another one with the
single entries?

I considered that, but there are relatively few singular codepoints in
the tables, so it wouldn't save much space. In this patch, singular
codepoints are represented by a range like "0x3000, 0x3000".

+   0x1D173, 0x1D17A,           /* C.2.2 */
This is for musical symbols. It seems to me that checking for a range
is what is intended.

Can you elaborate?

Oh, I think I understand the confusion now. All the arrays represent codepoint ranges, not singular codepoints. I renamed them to "*_ranges", to make that more clear.

- Heikki

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