On 2017/04/07 0:56, Fujii Masao wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 10:19 AM, Amit Langote
> <langote_amit...@lab.ntt.co.jp> wrote:
>> It seems pg_stat_progress_vacuum is not supposed to appear in the table
>> titled "Collected Statistics Views".  It was added by c16dc1aca.  Attached
>> patch fixes that.
> Instead, it should appear in the table of "Dynamic Statistics Views"
> because it reports dynamic info, i.e., progress, about VACUUM activity?

I thought the same at first, but then realized we have a entirely separate
section 28.4. Progress Reporting.  So it may not be necessary to keep it
anywhere in 28.2.

In fact I also proposed [1] to move the descriptions of "Dynamic
Statistics Views" to a new section within the same chapter.



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