I wrote:
> Michael Paquier <michael.paqu...@gmail.com> writes:
>> While looking at some SCRAM stuff, I have bumped into bcc32.mak and
>> win32.mak in src/interfaces/libpq. To put it short: those files are
>> not up to date. The code of SCRAM is in the tree for a bit of time
>> now, and should have updated those files to list and clean up objects,
>> but nobody has reported failures in using them.

>> At the minimum, they should be updated. Or perhaps they could just be
>> ripped out? Who uses that on Windows now?

> I'm quite sure no developers use them, or have done so for years.

A bit of digging in the git logs says that the last patch that clearly
resulted from user interest in Borland C was ce53791b2 in April 2009.
bcc32.mak has been touched in passing for various other changes since
then, but I'd say the odds that it actually still works are pretty small,
even before this issue.

win32.mak has considerably more recent interest, eg cd9b4f24c.
So we should consider the two cases separately.

Still, it's not very clear why we need to cater for building just libpq
rather than the whole distribution, and a user of win32.mak presumably
has the option to do the latter.  The core argument for bcc32.mak,
I think, is that we never did support building the server with Borland C
... but there's no evidence that people are still building libpq with it

                        regards, tom lane

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