On 2017/04/03 16:44, Amit Langote wrote:
> Hi Ashutosh,
> On 2017/04/03 15:49, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
>>>> Similarly, a partition constraint
>>>> should also be enforced at the foreign server. Probably we should
>>>> update documentation of create foreign table to mention this.
>>> That is a good idea.
>>> Here's the patch.
> Thanks for creating the patch.
> +    Constraints and partition bounds on foreign tables (such as
> We use "partition constraint" instead of "partition bounds" to mean the
> implicit constraint of a partition (there are a few instances of that in
> the documentation).  So, perhaps this could be written as: Constraints
> (both the user-defined constraints such as <literal>CHECK</>
> or <literal>NOT NULL</> clauses and the partition constraint) are not
> enforced by the core <productname>PostgreSQL</> system, ...
> And once we've mentioned that a constraint means one of these things, we
> need not repeat "partition bounds/constraints" in the subsequent
> paragraphs.  If you agree, attached is the updated patch.

Since it seems that we agree that this documentation tweak is good idea, I
will add this to the open items list to avoid it being missed.


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