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 Tom> Experimentation shows that actually, the standard regression tests
 Tom> provide dozens of opportunities for find_relation_from_clauses to
 Tom> fail on non-RestrictInfo input.  However, it lacks any IsA check,

In a discussion with Andres on the hash grouping sets review thread, I
proposed that we should have something of the form

#define lfirst_node(_type_, l) (castNode(_type_,lfirst(l)))

to replace the current idiom of

    foreach(l, blah)
        SomeType *x = (SomeType *) lfirst(l);

(in my code I tend to omit the (SomeType *), which I dislike because it
adds no real protection)


    foreach(l, blah)
        SomeType *x = lfirst_node(SomeType, l);

in order to get that IsA check in there in a convenient way.

Andrew (irc:RhodiumToad)

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