Andreas Seltenreich <> writes:
> regression=> select (select max(result) from fdw_postgres.num_result) from 
> tt0;
> ERROR:  badly formatted node string "RESTRICTINFO :clause {NULLTEST :"...
> CONTEXT:  parallel worker

Apparently, postgres_fdw is trying to store RestrictInfos in the
fdw_private field of a ForeignScan node.  That won't do; those aren't
supposed to be present in a finished plan tree, so there's no readfuncs.c
support for them (and we're not adding it).

Don't know if this is a new bug, or ancient but not previously reachable.
It seems to be nearly the inverse of the problem you found yesterday,
in which postgres_fdw was stripping RestrictInfos sooner than it really
ought to.  Apparently that whole business needs a fresh look.

                        regards, tom lane

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