Thomas Munro <> writes:
> Here's a pair of draft patches for review:

I'll look at these in detail tomorrow, but:

> 2.  pg-safe-snapshot-blocking-pids.patch, to provide an end-user
> function wrapping GetSafeSnapshotBlockingPids().  Kevin expressed an
> interest in that functionality, and it does seem useful: for example,
> someone might use it to investigate which backends are holding up
> pg_dump --serializable-deferrrable.  This is a separate patch because
> you might consider it material for the next cycle, though at least
> it's handy for verifying that GetSafeSnapshotBlockingPids() is working
> correctly.

Personally I have no problem with adding this now, even though it
could be seen as a new feature.  Does anyone want to lobby against?

                        regards, tom lane

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