On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 10:17:26AM +0200, Magnus Hagander wrote:
>     didn't that that happened in the old docs, but I can use an href filter
>     to do it only for docs of versions starting with '1' or saying 'devel'.
> That said, doing something like this would probably be cleaner. However, I
> think doing it based on href is a bad idea -- we're bound to silently break
> that somehow.
> What if we changed the <div id="docContent"> tag to be something like <div id=
> "docContent" class="post-10"> 
> Please suggest a better name -- but the idea being we add a class do it,
> conditionally for the docs of v10 and newer (which would include devel). That
> way that logic stays where it belongs, and the CSS just uses the information 
> to
> style on.

While we could trigger on some special tag, it is best to trigger on
something the build system does anyway so that if someone builds pre-10
docs with the new build system, they get the same output.  The attached
patch uses:

        div.refnamediv h2 .refentrytitle

and "div.refnamediv" is only generated in the new build system.

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diff --git a/media/css/text.css b/media/css/text.css
new file mode 100644
index 129735c..2714f83
*** a/media/css/text.css
--- b/media/css/text.css
*** 4,10 ****
  /* Heading Definitions */
! h1 {
    color: #EC5800;
--- 4,10 ----
  /* Heading Definitions */
! h1, div.refnamediv h2 .refentrytitle {
    color: #EC5800;
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