On 2017/04/08 1:49, Tom Lane wrote:
> Amit Langote <langote_amit...@lab.ntt.co.jp> writes:
>> Should ExecPrepareExprList also switch to estate->es_query_cxt?
> Good point; I'm surprised we haven't noted any failures from that.
> We surely want the entire result data structure to be in the same
> memory context.  There are not very many callers right now, and
> I guess they are all in the right context already (or we aren't
> testing them :-().

Thanks for the fix.

>> Or maybe
>> ExecPrepareExpr could itself detect that passed-in node is a List and
>> create the list of ExprState nodes by itself.
> -1.  That's just breaking the API of ExecPrepareExpr.

I guess you're right.  I was just thinking that passing a List through
ExecPrepareExpr() used to work and now it doesn't.


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