On 4/10/17 20:55, Stephen Frost wrote:
> Peter,
> * Peter Eisentraut (peter.eisentr...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
>> Problem 1: pg_subscription.subconninfo can only be read by superuser.
>> So non-superusers cannot dump subscriptions.
> I'm not particularly happy with this.

Why?  How?  Alternatives?

>> Precedent is pg_user_mapping.  In that case, we just omit the
>> user-mapping options if we're not a superuser.  Pretty dubious, but in
>> any case that won't work here, because you cannot create a subscription
>> without a CONNECTION clause.
> Given that you can create a disabled subscription, why is a connection
> clause required..?  I agree that simply excluding pg_user_mapping isn't
> great but I don't really think we want to use something which we agree
> isn't ideal as the best approach for this.

Well, I suppose you could somehow make it work so that a connection
clause is not required.  But then why dump the subscription at all?  You
start stripping off information and it becomes less useful.

>> Proposal: Dump subscriptions if running as superuser.  If not, check if
>> there are subscriptions and warn about that.  Remove current pg_dump
>> --include-subscriptions option.
> That option was added, iirc, in part because pg_dump was including
> subscriptions in things like explicit single-table dumps.

No, you are thinking of publications.

The option was added because at some point during the review process of
the early patches, pg_dump for a non-superuser would just fail outright
as it was trying to read pg_subscription.

> The question becomes if it's useful to include subscriptions when only
> dumping a subset of objects or if they should *only* be included when
> doing a full dump.

I think we'd handle that similar to publications.

>> Proposal: Dump all subscriptions in DISABLED state.  Remove current
>> pg_dump --no-subscription-connect option.
> I like this idea in general, I'm just not sure if it's the right answer
> when we're talking about pg_upgrade.  At a minimum, if we go with this
> approach, we should produce a warning when subscriptions exist during
> the pg_upgrade that the user will need to go re-enable them.

Sure, that's doable.  It's the way of pg_upgrade in general to give you
a bunch of notes and scripts afterwards, so it wouldn't be too strange
to add that in.

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