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Hi hackers and personally Robet (you are the best expert in both
I want to ask one more question concerning parallel execution and FDW.
Below are two plans for the same query (TPC-H Q5): one for normal
tables, another for FDW to vertical representation of the same data.
FDW supports analyze function and is expected to produce the similar
statistic as for original tables.
<big explain>
The plans look very similar, but first one is parallel and second -
My FDW provides implementation for IsForeignScanParallelSafe which
returns true.
I wonder what can prevent optimizer from using parallel plan in this
Parallel execution requires partial paths. It's the work for
GetForeignPaths of your FDW.

Thank you very much for explanation.
But unfortunately I still do not completely understand what kind of queries allow parallel execution with FDW.

Section "FDW Routines for Parallel Execution" of FDW specification says:
A ForeignScan node can, optionally, support parallel execution. A parallel ForeignScan will be executed in multiple processes and should return each row only once across all cooperating processes. To do this, processes can coordinate through fixed size chunks of dynamic shared memory. This shared memory is not guaranteed to be mapped at the same address in every process, so pointers may not be used. The following callbacks are all optional in general, but required if parallel execution is to be supported.

I provided IsForeignScanParallelSafe, EstimateDSMForeignScan, InitializeDSMForeignSca and InitializeWorkerForeignScan in my FDW.
IsForeignScanParallelSafe returns true.
Also in GetForeignPaths function I created path with baserel->consider_parallel == true.
Is it enough or I should do something else?

But unfortunately I failed to find any query: sequential scan, grand aggregation, aggregation with group by, joins... when parallel execution plan is used for this FDW. Also there are no examples of using this functions in Postgres distributive and I failed to find any such examples in Internet.

Can somebody please clarify my situation with parallel execution and FDW and may be point at some examples?
Thank in advance.

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