Thanks for the feedback!

>> 2) The current logic either uses zlib if compiled in, or offers no
>> compression at all, controlled by a series of #ifdef/#endif. I would
>> prefer that the user can either use zlib or an external program
>> without having to recompile, so I would remove the #ifdefs and replace
>> them with run time branching.
> Not sure how that would work or be needed. The reasonable thing would be if 
> zlib
> is available when building the choices would be "no compression",
> "zlib compression" or "external compression". If there was no zlib available
> when building, the choices would be "no compression" or "external 
> compression".

That's exactly how I intend it to work. I had thought that the current
structure of the code would not allow that, but looking at it more
closely I see that it does, so I don't have to re-organize the

Regards // Mike

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