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> On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 8:24 PM, Alexander Kuzmenkov <
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>> I would like to propose a patch that speeds up the queries of the form
>> 'select
>> count(*) ... where ...',  where the restriction clauses can be satisfied
>> by some
>> indexes. At the moment, such queries use index-only scans followed by
>> aggregation. Index-only scans are only possible for indexes that are
>> capable of
>> returning indexed tuples, that is, support the 'amgettuple' access
>> method. They
>> are not applicable to indexes such as GIN and RUM. However, it is
>> possible to
>> improve count(*) performance for indexes that support bitmap scans. Having
>> performed a bitmap index scan or a combination of such, the bits in
>> bitmap can
>> be counted to obtain the final result. Of course, the bitmap pages that
>> are
>> lossy or not visible to all existing transactions will still require heap
>> access.
> That's a cool feature for FTS users! Please, register this patch to the
> next commitfest.
> This patch has some important limitations:
>> * It only supports targetlist consisting of a single expression that can
>> be
>> projected from count(*).
>> * count(expr) is not supported. We could support it for cases where the
>> "expr is not null" restriction can be satisfied with an index.
>> * The current implementation does not support parallel execution. It
>> could be
>> implemented during the PostgreSQL 11 release cycle.
>> * For some indexes, the bitmap index scan will always require rechecking
>> all
>> the tuples. Bitmap count plans should not be used in such cases. For now,
>> this
>> check is not implemented.
> Does this limitation cause a performance drawback?  When bitmap index scan
> returns all rechecks, alternative to Bitmap Count is still Aggregate +
> Bitmap Heap Scan.  Thus, I think Bitmap Count would have the same
> performance or even slightly faster.  That's worth testing.
> Also, what is planning overhead of this patch?  That's worth testing too.

Another thing catch my eye.  The estimated number of rows in Bitmap Count
node is the same as in Bitmap Index Scan node.  Should it be 1 because it
always returns single row?

test1=# explain analyze select count(*) from pglist where fts @@
> to_tsquery( 'tom & lane' );
>                                                                  QUERY
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  Bitmap Count on pglist  (cost=550.65..1095.68 rows=54503 width=8) (actual
> time=1120.281..1120.281 rows=1 loops=1)
>    Recheck Cond: (fts @@ to_tsquery('tom & lane'::text))
>    Heap Fetches: 0
>    Heap Blocks: exact=105992
>    ->  Bitmap Index Scan on idx_pglist_rum_fts  (cost=0.00..537.02
> rows=54503 width=0) (actual time=1056.060..1056.060 rows=222813 loops=1)
>          Index Cond: (fts @@ to_tsquery('tom & lane'::text))
>  Planning time: 119.568 ms
>  Execution time: 1121.409 ms
> (8 rows)

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