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     By looking at the them, and unless I'm missing something, I don't see
how the extra information for the future implementation of channel binding
would be added (without changing the protocol). Relevant part is:

The message body is a list of SASL authentication mechanisms, in the
server's order of preference. A zero byte is required as terminator after
the last authentication mechanism name. For each mechanism, there is the
                 Name of a SASL authentication mechanism.
     How do you plan to implement it, in future versions, without modifying
the AuthenticationSASL message? Or is it OK to add new fields to a message
in future PostgreSQL versions, without considering that a protocol change?
I don't quite understand the complain here, it is perfectly fine to
add as many null-terminated names as you want with this model. The
patches would make the server just send one mechanism name now, but
nothing prevents the addition of more.

I think I explained in my previous reply, but just in case: there are two lists here: SCRAM mechanism and channel binding mechanisms. They are orthogonal, you could pick them separately (only with the -PLUS variants, of course). All two (both SCRAM and channel binding mechanisms) have to be advertised by the server.



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