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> On 4/10/17 11:30, Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > After you've run pg_upgrade, you have to loop through all your databases
> > and do an "ALTER EXTENSION abc UPDATE" once for each extension.
> >
> > Is there a reason we shouldn't have pg_upgrade emit a script that does
> > this, similar to how it emits a script to run ANALYZE?
> Shouldn't pg_dump do this, and perhaps by default?

> If I restore a dump into another instance, I need to upgrade all my
> extensions to that installations's versions, no?  That's not particular
> to pg_upgrade.
Sure, there's an argument to be made for that.  But pg_dump (or in this
case, it would more be pg_restore I guess) also doesn't run ANALYZE or
generate a script to do that, does it? ISTM that we have already decided
that pg_upgrade has a different requirement on providing those things,
whereas pg_dump/pg_restore is more of a low-level tool where people have to
figure more things out themselves.

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