On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 04:47:12AM +0900, Fujii Masao wrote:
> Though I've read only a part of the logical rep code yet, I'd like to
> share some (relatively minor) review comments that I got so far.
> In ApplyWorkerMain(), DatumGetInt32() should be used to get integer
> value from the argument, instead of DatumGetObjectId().
> No one resets on_commit_launcher_wakeup flag to false.
> ApplyLauncherWakeup() should be static function.
> subcommands (e.g., ENABLED one) should wake the launcher up on commit.
> Why is IsBackendPid() check necessary in ApplyLauncherWakeup()?
> Normal statements that the walsender for logical rep runs are logged
> by log_replication_commands. So if log_statement is also set,
> those commands are logged twice.
> LogicalRepCtx->launcher_pid isn't reset to 0 when the launcher emits
> an error. The callback function to reset it needs to be registered
> via on_shmem_exit().
> Typo: "an subscriber" should be "a subscriber" in some places.
>     /* Get conninfo */
>     datum = SysCacheGetAttr(SUBSCRIPTIONOID,
>         tup,
>         Anum_pg_subscription_subconninfo,
>         &isnull);
>     Assert(!isnull);
> This assertion makes me think that pg_subscription.subconnifo should
> have NOT NULL constraint. Also subslotname and subpublications
> should have NOT NULL constraint because of the same reason.
>     SpinLockAcquire(&MyLogicalRepWorker->relmutex);
>     MyLogicalRepWorker->relstate =
>       GetSubscriptionRelState(MyLogicalRepWorker->subid,
>             MyLogicalRepWorker->relid,
>             &MyLogicalRepWorker->relstate_lsn,
>             false);
>     SpinLockRelease(&MyLogicalRepWorker->relmutex);
> Non-"short-term" function like GetSubscriptionRelState() should not
> be called while spinlock is being held.

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