Not sure if this is useful - I just found it on MSDN. It talks about porting
issues, including specifically signal handling techniques (it seems to
recommend using windows messaging instead of signals for some scenarios).. I
am not sure how easy it would be to abstract this away by providing a
signalling library that contained it all.



Bruce wrote:
> Merlin Moncure wrote:
>> Bruce,
>> I assume then that the MinGW environment is missing signal emulation
>> that is present in the Microsoft C runtime distribution?  Microsoft's
>> is copyrighted, of course in winsig.c (it is actually quite small,
>> just a couple hundred lines of code).  Are you proposing to rewrite
>> that part of the CRT?  I checked the redistribution license and
>> winsig,etc.c are most certainly not suitable for incorporation into an
>> open source project.
> I actuallly don't even know the answer.  I don't know what is possible
> with MinGW vs Visual C.  I need help.
> I would have dug into it, but I got pretty far with MinGW, then had to
> stop to catch up on email, and still not caught up enough to return to
> MinGW.

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