Hello Pavel,

A more detailed answer to your many points.

The pgbench expression language is perfect for us - there is not any new
dependency - it is working on all supported platforms.

Can be nice, if we can reuse pgbench expressions in psql - there are some
task that should be solved first (it is definitely topic for next release)

1. synchronise lexers  - the psql lexer doesn't supports types, but
supports variable escaping

Yep. Probably no big deal.

2. move pgbench expressions to separate module

Yep, that is needed, "fe_utils" looks like the place as I pointed out earlier.

3. teach pgbench expressions booleans and strings

Boolean are in progress. For string, ISTM that = <> and maybe || would make sense.

4. because pgbench doesn't do early variable evaluation, implementation of
"defined" function is easy - we can introduce some new syntax for
implementation some bash patterns like "default value" or "own undefined

Maybe. ISTM that a :* syntax should be thought for so that it always work where variable can be used, not only within client side expressions.


  \set port 5432

Then you can write:

  SELECT :port ;
  -- 5432

And it currently works as expected in SQL. Now I think that the same behavior is desirable for variable definition testing, i.e. with a :* syntax the substitution can be performed everywhere, eg with:

  \if ...
    \set port 5432

Then it would work both client side:

  \let port_is_defined :?port

and also server side:

  SELECT :?port AS port_is_defined \gset

However I do not think that this can be done cleanly with a "à la perl" defined.

5. we can introduce \setexpr in psql, and \if can use pgbench expr too (the
result of expression) must be boolean value like now


6. the psql builtin variables should be enhanced about server side and
client side numeric versions

Yes, add some typing where appropriate.

7. the psql builtin variables should be enhanced about sqlstate - we are
able to handle errors due setting ON_ERROR_STOP already


8. the psql builtin variables can be enhanced about info about processed

Yep. I've already submitted something about ROW_COUNT and such, see:


The pgbench can take \if command and \setexpr command (although \setexpr
can be redundant there, there can be nice compatibility with psql)

I now believe that "\let" is the nicest sounding close to set short option, and indeed it should be made to work for pgbench as well to keep things consistent, for some definition of consistent.

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