Things are not that bad:

I quickly looked at the signal support in mingw.  The header file is
singal.h instead of winsig.n, of course.  The support for signals is
incomplete, with no or erroneous support for floating point exceptions,
missing support for integer violations (like microsoft's) etc.  It is
unclear if the process control will behave as expected.

In other words, mingw offers about the same level of signal support as
Microsoft, via translated os exceptions.  Based on my experience with
the peerdirect port, that should get win32 for 7.4 out the door.

From what I understand of your previous posts, postgres for 7.4 compiles
but not links, are you guys using the standard mingw signal header
(signal.h) for signal support?  What functions have been added that
require implementation?

Is your win32 version of postgres available via anonymous cvs?

It might be prudent to write guards around all types of division
(integer or otherwise), as was the case with peerdirect integer division
by zero will likely take the server down.


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I actuallly don't even know the answer.  I don't know what is possible
with MinGW vs Visual C.  I need help.

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